Thursday, October 15, 2009

Beauty Is Only Skin Deep

The male species of the human being, be it boys , teenagers or men tends to be captivated by the fairer side of the opposite gender. It's a norm that we, human tends to classified things or happennings as good or bad. There is never or rarely anything that we do not put a tag on it.

However, this phenomenon of males attracted to beautiful females stands out significantly. Is it the hormones or is the mindset that has been cultivated since young? I honestly do not know.

But the fact is nothing is permanent, even the pretty must grow old. But in the instance when such incident occured, all this facts of impermenance is pushed to the back. How often we have overlook that beauty is only skin deep.

p.s. : I do not claim i'm free from this delusion.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Agitated Mind.. Our Bane

Too often we got annoyed, frustrated, mad, angry or a mixture of these unwholesome feelings that we are rarely at peace with our self. At times, our mind is just so easily provoked that a tiny incidence will trigger an avalanche of emotion in us. Whether we bottled up those emotions or we vent our feelings out, the fact is we have suffered in our mind.

If we would just stop and examine why we react in such a way, we would often find that the big ego of ME or I is always behind it. As we grow up, unknowingly we become the Perfect One, One blameless from any faults. One who believe that what we do or say is supposed to be the truth. This 'ME' or 'I' is fast to react to criticism, to losses, to things which does not goes our way with often anger, revenge or other unwholesome feelings.

When we are able to sometimes let our rational mind do the thinking instead of passing it directly to our ego, then our mental torture will be reduced. For if there is no 'I', then 'I' suffer no criticism and thus 'I' will not get angry.

This 'I' and 'ME' ego, as it increase in size, not only makes our life suffer but it also serves as a tool for others to manipulate us. The bigger ego we have, the easier it is for us to be manipulated. The tighter we hold on to the "I" the easier we can be defeated.

To totally annihilate the our ego self, is near impossible if it's not. To reduce it is a realistic possibility.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother in nature

The very first day I saw you,
Your haughty look imprinted itself in my mind,
Though you never smile,
and scratched the hand who fed you,

I chose not to blame you.
Perhaps you have lost your trust in us,
Perhaps you have suffered in some of our hands,
I reasoned, thus you decided to shut off yourself,

Still it is enough for us that you chose to shelter with us,
As it symbolised an amount of trust.
But as time flows on,
Your offsprings arrived,
I felt your heart open,
The way you nurture them,
The way you sacrifice for them,
I feel that you put them above all else,

As generation after generations of your offspring came,
I can feel that you are getting old,
I felt sorry that you confused yourself with them,
The elder and the younger,
The firstborn and the just born,
You cannot differentiate.
It saddened me to see you degenerate,
Each time I saw you, you are getting older, thinner.

Now you are lost,
We have no clue where you are.
You may have passed on,
Leaving behind some of your younger generations.
I bid you farewell.
May you have a better reborn in your next life.
You may not be the best cat I known.
But you are the best mother cat your kittens ever knew.

(Dedication to my Mom the Greatest,and generally to all Mothers in conjunction with Mothers Day)